Operation & Maintenance

Photovoltaic systems are solar power plants. To ensure a permanent faultless operation with maximum efficiency, these power plants must be monitored and maintained.

The technical operational management of the photovoltaic systems starts with the conception of the respective monitoring systems in the phase of project planning, and the compliance with the specified parameters during construction.

Monitoring management happens in the phase of operation. This consists of continuous monitoring of all parts of the system with a defined response plan for the case of accidents, and a detailed continuous yield evaluation.

We offer a wide range of services for existing systems. Depending on the costumers requirements this can be a simple 24/7-monitoring, annual maintenance, continuous reporting, etc. up to full maintenance including all repairs. We operate the operational management for our customers with a separate specialized department for sustainable yield protection and we are happy to convince you of the advantages as a system operator.

Thanks to our trained specialists, we are able to carry out repair work on all parts of the system (PV panels, DC cabling, string combines boxes, inverters, low-voltage distributions).

We have official switching authorization for electrical systems up to 36 kV, so that we can also carry out switching operations on larger systems in the event of an incident or commissioning.